Rosa Choque




Put yourself in the other's shoes. Mix colors, tones. Confront yourself. The crash is not of women against men. The crash is against a thought that limits human freedom, but mainly, of women. The crash - without violence - is for the encounter to happen.
The show brings to the scene the issue of violence against women.

In addition to the physical and biological differences, what distinguishes men and women in the imaginary of our society? In a world in which this violence is naturalized and based on rooted patterns of behavior, Rosa Choque proposes to the audience the displacement of their point of view, to provoke the discussion from others’ perspectives.


Director Cida Falabella
| Created and Casted by Cris Moreira and Guilherme Théo
| Writters Assis Benevenudo and Marcos Coletta
 | Sound and Video André Veloso
 | Composer Daniel Nunes (Lise)
 | Lighting Cristiano Araújo and Rogério Araújo
| Prologue’s | Ilustration Catapreta

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