Malecon of the city of Havana, Cuba. A hurricane advances across the horizon. Two men, unknown to each other, are waiting for a woman. They have no idea of ​​the danger ahead at sea. Just try to make sure you have known or true love. They joke, argue, discover common origins and are not frightened by hurricane warnings.


FURACÃO CARMEN addresses the theme of waiting from elements that make up the male universe and its ways of rivaling. The two central characters, like the actors, have different origins, but eventually find points of union beyond conflict. In an increasingly intolerant world, this piece also speaks of tolerance in the face of difference. What other people are saying.

Duration _ 60 min | M / 12


Interpretation_António Revez and Murilo Grossi | Dramaturgia_Santiago Serrano | Direction_Murilo Grossi | Co-director_Sérgio Sartório Translation of the Portuguese text_Carmem Moretzsohn | Original Music_Gabriel Grossi | Scenography_Chico Sassi | Costumes_Chico Sassi Illumination_Serius Sartorius | Musical Direction_Gabriel Grossi | Sonora_Gabriel Grossi Trail | Photography_Alexandre Magno | Visual_Chico Identity Sassi | Press Office_Object Yes | Production in Brazil_Daniela Vasconcelos and Fernanda Ribeiro Bigonha | Production in Portugal_Susana Paixão - Lendias d´Encantar | Co-production_Lendias d'Encantar / FITA and Cena Contempoânea

available for national and international tour

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