The Greek tragedy updated in the voice and body of a black woman. “Black Medea” is an epic, lyrical and musical scream. The rereading brings the tragic character into a barbaric, timeless, black body and its relationship to the best-known version of the myth by the tragedographer Euripides.
Medea represents ancestral mothers who express death as transformation and reconstruction rather than as the end of life. In this montage, the Greek myth is revisited by the process of decolonization of patriarchal thought and, through it, questions the social conditioning that marginalizes, judges and condemns bodies considered inappropriate, foreign, foreign.
The play builds a narrative in which the audience is invited, at each scene, to reflect and position themselves before the provocations of the character. The musicality of the scenes builds images that lead the viewer on a journey between different Medias. The Black Medea overflows the interior of a black woman, bringing out the emotional incarcerations experienced during the formation of this feminine personality and psyche.


Conception and Performance Márcia Limma | Direction Tânia Farias | Assistant Director Fat Neto | Playwriting Márcio Marciano and Daniel Arcades | Musical Direction and Piano Roberto Brito | Stage Design and Props Marcia Limma | Production Coordinator Vitor Barreto | Executive Production Marcia Limma and Ramona Gayão | Artistic Production Bruno Guimarães | Costume Design and Visagism Rino Carvalho | Costume Designer Angelic | Light Nando Zambia | Assistant in Lighting and Light Operation Milena Pitombo | Sound Operation Ivo Conceição | Vocal Preparation Marcelo Jardim | Singing Drawing and vocal action Marcia Limma | Communication Advisory Mônica Santana | Graphic Artist Caio Sá Telles and Caracol

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