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“The coup, an account of memory” is first of all a popular story. Through the humor and human gaze that characterize Roberto Parra's creations, this monologue maintains a detailed structure to narrate the horrors of an era, but above all rescues the speech, culture, characters and places that make up the roots. from Chile. The rhythm of the text and live music, inspired by Roberto Parra's own chora cueca chora style and jazz guachaca, articulate to return to a key author who today, 45 years after the coup, continues to move with minimalist stories, marginal and unofficial ones of that period. "The show has changed as we understand that the coup is not just about dictatorship, the feeling goes deeper and concerns who we are as Chileans."


Text Roberto Parra | Playwright Florencia Martínez | Staged by Soledad Cruz | Interpretation Nicolás Pavez | Music Composition and Interpretation Nicolás Lascar | Full Design Valentina San Juan | Scenography Eduardo Gallagher | Lighting Cristián Matta | Graphic Design Daniela Bunker and Felipe Leal |Production Francesca Ceccotti

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