DIZCONTOS is a theatrical ground inspired by African stories from the 1980s and 1990s about the emigration of Mozambican young people to the Sudanese Africa, the most economically African country around Europe.

Mozambique, the country of historical leader Samora Machel, was experiencing an endless civil war in sight and in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela arrested, the black population faced apartheid and the crime.

After all, what could cause an urban young woman to change the uncertainty of her country of origin for the restlessness of her country of destination? In this case-by-case performance, the actor plays the role of a person without a house (symbol of failure in capitalism) who, in turn, lives various personages who in reality are the incarnation of his own family, living with the drama of his own. brother. , at this time an immigrant in Sudáfrica.

And in this game into the game report stories of heart, mind and hope, told stories, sung, illustrated, that are repeated in the lives of immigrants for the day now, because every emigrant is condemned to tell a story every day to survive.

Discounts are also a look at the center of Maputo, a city of survival, from the perspective of a small middle class family represented by various groups of people who, according to their experience, present their critical critique of urban life in the African country divided between war and peace.


Creation and Interpretation Klemente Tsamba | Creative Assistance Pedro Pires | Body Preparation Margaret Cardinal | Multimedia Creation, Props and Costumes Klemente Tsamba | Photography Vítor Leite | Production Carla Cardoso

© 2017 - Lendias d'Encantar. 

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