Lo único que necessita una gran actriz




Humility can only come from humiliation, if not, it is false vanity, "says Genet in" Querelle de Brest. "The viewer will not find theatrical costumes, elements or props that indicate a definite epoch or style. Scenic space becomes a proposal in itself, and the dialogue between space and actress eliminates everything to the bare minimum.
“The only one who needs a great actress is a great work and the will to succeed” is a version of Genet's “The Maids” and plunges into universal themes to question the author's world. Based on the work of an actor, the work presents theater as an apparent escape from food, drink, dance, and some fairy tale, which takes us a little further or closer to the devastation of social stereotypes, marginalization, and no possibility of any kind of atonement.


Author Collective Creation of Cow 35 Theater | Interpretation Diana Magallón, Mari Carmen Ruiz | Direction Damián Cervantes | Scenic design Damián Cervantes | Executive Production José Rafael Flóres | Production Cow 35 Group Theater

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