Based on the concept of cultural diversity as a starting point, MANES presents different metaphors about basic elements about birth, death, sex and food. This performance continues the essence of the “Fura” language.
Drama is based on simultaneity rather than continuity. A true zapping of emotions and sensations. It is a timeless dramaturgy, in which the argument is the here and now. MANES is a set of opposite scenes in which different worlds share the same space and time. It is a gothic tale that impassively watches the clash between different intimacies, always surprised by an indiscreet light. MANES is a public show of private deeds. It shows us the human attitudes that usually, by the work and grace of culture, remain hidden behind the curtain of home and family.
MANES does not follow an argument line and therefore cannot describe an episode. For us it is worth noting that this show takes to the extreme the rhythm, the physical work and the reference to the mythical and the ritual.


Direction and Design Pera Tantiña (La Fura dels Baus) | Creation - La Fura dels Baus, Rafael Vives, Nico Nubiola | Music and Sound Big Toxic | Music Contributors - Miki Foam, Carlus Padrissa (La Fura dels Baus) | Light Design Ziggy Durand, P. P. Hervás, Pere Tantiña | Scenography and props Nico Nubiola | Actors Director Beth Escudé, Juan Navarro, Rafael Vives | Actors Younes Bachir, Joana Barcia, Milena Biancospino, Agatha Correz, Vanesa Dinger, Carles Fígols, Victor Goñi, Susana Goulart, Nika Marijuan, Juan Marquez, Alberto Olivares, Pepa Sabate, Borja Sagasti, Semolina Tomic | Direction, Scenography and Props I´Ja Mlosch, Nico Nubiola, Guillermo Sánchez, Kai Wehmhorner |
Technical Coordination Fernando Guiard, Susana Jové | Scenography technicians Pedro Ferrer, Miguel Ángel García, I'Ja Mlosch, Germán Rodríguez, Guillermo Sánchez, Jaume Verges, Kai Wehmhorner | Clothing design Mercé Crespo, Tete Company | Clothing Helper Yolanda Verdier | Sound technicians Germán Rodríguez, Big Toxic | Road manager Susana Cuñado | Production Design Andreu Polo | Production Esther Badía, Fernando Guiard

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