daqui vê-se melhor




Daqui Vê-se Melhor is an invitation to everyone, from the smallest to the oldest, to get to know the history of the theater. It is a show, written by Isabel Minhós Martins, designed in real time by Bernardo Carvalho (Planeta Tangerina) and interpreted by Suzana Branco. And now? What is theater today? What do people look for when they enter a room like this? Laugh? Learn? Enter a dream? See reality? To discuss? See stars? Because I say that the theater must be like a thread that pulls us up, lifts us up, makes us come out of what is more low, but vulgar, more narrow, more dizzy ... It must be, as it always has been, A place where you can see everything better.


Production for the creation Educational Project Teatro Maria Matos | Original text Isabel Minhós Martins | Image and drawing in real time Bernardo Carvalho | Coordination and Interpretation Suzana Branco | Narration Susana Menezes | Music Bernardo Devlin |support Weareinteractive | An idea by Susana Menezes

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