beatriz e o peixe





The story that the work develops is that of Beatriz, a young girl who lives in an excessively hermetic, structured, marked, hierarchical house, and whose rigid family, since her birth, already has a set path for her, very high goals and clear, an inevitable line to follow. In this environment, little Beatriz receives a gift: a clown fish, colorful and agile, that moves surprised and scared within the limits of her aquarium. This play brings together many elements, which makes it, at all times, alive. It is, therefore, vigorously current.

Creation and Interpretation Elsa Pinho | Text and Direction Moncho Rodriguez | Music Narciso Fernandes | Costume design Moncho Rodriguez | Costume Design Marília Martins Fernandes | Light Design Elsa Pinho and Luís Rufo | Design Eduarda Pinho | Photography João Oliveira | Video editing Luís Canário Rocha | Production Elsa Pinho

© 2017 - Lendias d'Encantar. 

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