Carolina Campos

& Márcia Lança

We start from the universe of old images, abandoned at fairs, forgotten, left behind. We grasp this fragment of the world to displace it in time, reframing it, giving it a different sense from its origin, making it explode in different directions and directions. Perceiving these images as fictions that contain realities, not the other way around, we build a working territory where truth and lies touch and confuse each other, where we accept the idea that any life is built by invented narratives and the future of an image. It also serves to rewrite your past. Looking at the life of images from this perspective led us to construct invented biographies, reconstruct facts, make fiction beyond the boundaries of what is ours and what is of others. This work proposes the exercise of imagining that our memory and our forgetfulness, that absolutely indispensable matter to become singular, can be in any body, any life, any other.

ficha artística

[Creation and Performance] Carolina Campos and Márcia Lança [Dramaturgical Accompaniment] João Fiadeiro [Light Design] Tasso Adamopoulos

© 2017 - Lendias d'Encantar. 

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